Haunted Yorkshire

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4:39 AM on October 3, 2016 
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Reply rachel
4:24 PM on August 6, 2013 
hi just a comment on the asda/netto ghost i worked there20years ago before the netto bought it and the main cinema staircase was still in the middle of the shop which used to lead upstairs to our staff room and toilets and the passage which had the old balcony off it im sorry but i worked there5years and the ghost we encountered and saw on many occasions was a man i know his name was alfred when i was the manager there i had an old man come up to me and ask if alfred was still here when i said alfred the ghost he said yes he was supposed to be the perjectionist who hung himself from the balcony when his girlfriend left him
while i was there i can recall a dozen things happening and he was seen by 5 different people i saw him on a sunday when i had locked the store he walked through the turnstlye and up the first isle before disappearing one poor member of staff saw him on the stairs the lights were out and she shone her torch at the staircase and he was stood there she collasped and had to be taken home you would often here footsteps and keys rattling on the first isle when you were working and there was nobody there things flying off shelves that couldnt fall off because there were glass in front of them
ive just been back thanks to asda and had alook around upstairs and went back into the balcony hes still there
Reply Hughesey
5:10 PM on May 5, 2011 
The name "Wells Road" is named such because the devils island streets in Wheatley are all named after citys with cathedrals. (it is also known as the cathedral city estate) (Norwich Road/Ely Road/Liverpool Ave/Durham Road/Lichfield Road/Ripon Ave/Worcester Ave/Chester Road/Lincoln Road Etc)
Reply Wayne
2:54 PM on October 14, 2010 
Keith dyer says...
got a interesting recording need help from someone to dissect it got no reply from ,Rotherham paranormal sadly this isn,t the first time need someone with the technical expertize to work out what is being said yours Keith

Hiya Keith, the team and me at The Barnsley Paranormal Society have the expertease to review and analyse the data of your recording and proivde you with an answer, so contact me at : [email protected] and we will take it from there