Haunted Yorkshire

They're Closer Than You Think!


Angels, like demons, have a singular soul. However, they also have a singular body built around that soul, which is able to cross dimensions. They are able to reshape this body to fit in with the local dominant race (unlike demons, which can also take animal forms), but only the more powerful of them, such as Arch Angels, can completely hide their true nature from view. It’s thought that an angel’s natural form is a winged and haloed humanoid composed of light.

Because an angel’s soul is within its body, the angel is capable of incredible regeneration. Powerful angels can have their body completely destroyed only to reincarnate. Angels have other protective powers, such as curing ailments of others and generating shields.

However, most angels have very limited offensive power, and instead rely on weaponry (often archaic). Given the ancient hatred between angels and demons, most weapons an angel carries will be blessed. In fact, even a normal weapon is holy while in angelic hands, though the degree of this magic depends on the power of the angel itself. Many angelic warriors carry weapons blessed by a higher power than themselves, making them more than a match for demons of the same caliber.

There are few sources of great unholy belief in the world (and people like the Templar are loath to use them), but powerful enough weapons or demons can prevent an angel from regeneration or reincarnating. Obsidian, the dark stone forged from fiery volcanoes, greatly slows down the regenerative process, though.


Heaven- Like Hell, there are many perceptions of Heaven and thus it stands to reason there are several heavenly dimensions. It is speculated, though, that angels originated as a mortal race with one world, then gained immense power through myth.


Lineage- Like demons, angels can breed with whatever race they take the form of (though with angels that form is more limited), but they can also breed with each other. Part angels work in the same way as part demons, mortal bodies with mortal souls but enhanced powers. Part angels often look completely normal aside from strong and beautiful features, and are also capable of becoming fully angelic, often after their own mortal death.


God- It stands to reason that given the immense amount of religions that believe in God and angels, there are several versions of God. On the other hand, so many religions believe in their god as the one true god that it might hamper this being’s ability.