Haunted Yorkshire

They're Closer Than You Think!

Are you Haunted?

Do you think you have a haunting?


You glimpse something weird, odd, just not right, out of the corner of your eye. A almost solid shadow. Is it an animal, a person, a demon from the very depths of hell?


You say that you hear strange phantom sounds in the dead of night, voices , disjointed music, when you know there should be none. Your hair stands on end and goose pimples raise on your arms. A cold haunted chill runs down your spine for you feel that someone, or something is watching you! Or worse, about to do you some evil deed. Looks like you are very well being haunted!


So, what do you do? Where do you go for help? Who will you call for help? Well, for starters make sure your problem has a paranormal origin not a mental one.

Hauntings often occur with much more frequency than the general public is actually aware of.


They affect newly constructed homes and buildings, private and public premises, just as they can old historical homes. While many people don't relish sharing their life, home or job with a genuine ghostly haunting.


New Condos built in older buildings tend to be very haunted because of what the haunted history of the building holds. The same theory applies to vacant land that has not been built on for many years. It is usually very haunted as will soon be the new construction that is built on it.


Many people learn to just live with it ( their personal hauntings) and they sometimes enjoy the supernatural world coinciding with their own. Many personal hauntings can be somewhat fun... But too often so many others can be a down right haunted hell. Too many people have their hands full with daily negative experiences to add night time horrors to their life. Serious hauntings do involve many horrible sleepless nights.


Poltergeist-related cases can create varied dangerous circumstances though there is evidence to suggest it might be the living person's psychic energy that is causing the haunting problem. This is found to be especially true if there are adolescents in the home.


In any cases of probable hauntings, you first have to rule out all naturally occurring normal physical causes. Ask a friend to help you document the haunting (in this case, the more skeptical the person the better). Also consider all immediate physical sources such as settling foundations, rattling window panes, air conditioning or heating system. Wind drafts, plumbing (old and new), animals, and even common pests like mice or rats, and squirrels or birds in the attic can be the root cause of many an otherwise terrifying occurrence. Malfunctioning smoke alarms, televisions, radios and other electrical appliances must be eliminated as sources before you settle for paranormal ones.

Once you're 100% convinced there is something else in your world that should not be there, try to face it, confront it. Many psychics have told me the right thing to do is just claim your space. Clean it, change it, make it your own. I have been told this is what is called haunting your own space. Another thing to do is openly, loudly ask the ghost to leave, and do it as nicely as you can. Just say "Its time for you to move on." These are the easiest words you can say. Don't get tough unless it gets tough with you is the safest rule of thumb. If your unwanted guest does something hard to tolerate or ignore then lose your temper and with all your anger tell it "GET OUT NOW!"


Another direct approach is to contact your local clergy. Many still come to bless homes and people. Catholic priests regularly do house blessings which they view as quite legitimate procedures.


So if your haunting is getting bad or worse and truly you're that desperate, ask for a house blessing. Often it does do the job.


So, you say that you're not a strong religious person . Spiritualist churches are very open and helpful to discussing and sorting out ghost stories and can usually put you in touch with some very reputable ghost hunters or paranormal Investigator.


This is what you should do if you think you are haunted. Documented records are the key. Haunting times, dates and occurrences is what you should log. Keep a haunted diary of events and urge others living/working on the premises to be forthcoming about their experiences. Most importantly, note when the phenomena started. Did it begin when you started moving the furniture, or when you painted the kitchen? When a spouse or relative died? Or when you brought home a new pet or piece of furniture?


You should research your home or place of work. Contact the local historical society, look up ownership records of the house or building, check back through old newspaper files in the State archives or Public Library, look for books dealing with ghost stories and local folklore (often these tales are grounded in some factual event). See what you can find out. Knowledge of your surroundings not only give clues but are the key.


If you're actually really happy to, learn to live with your ghost. You might even notice once you decide it's no big deal that ghostly phenomena will die down and become less frequent, or just stop.


Also praying out loud appealing to your God(s) (depending on your beliefs) for assistance with your goal in mind that is removing said spirit, Ghost, entities or negative energies. Burning scented candles, or wiping everything with cleansing essential oils like Bergamot, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Fir Needle, or the Australian indigenous favorite Eucalyptus.


Many of these specific cleansing steps do so have clear psychological benefits, improving your mood and creating a more overall general positive atmosphere.

Check your local library or esoteric, New Age or Wiccan bookshop for further involved information.


Or of Course your final option, why not make a profit of it and register your home on the ghost registry and conduct private haunted ghost tours, or nightly seances.


If all else does fail, write up your haunted ghost story, get some good pictures, videos and documentation. You never know, you could be on the best sellers list.


Symptoms of Ghost Infestation


•Unexplained noises

•Doors, cabinets, drawers opening and closing

•Lights turning on and off

•Items disappearing and reappearing

•Objects moving by themselves

•Unexplained shadows

•Animals behave strangely

•Feelings of being watched

•Feelings of being touched

•Cold or hot spots

Symptoms of Ghosts Infesting Land or a Building


•Somewhere that feels really creepy.  You might feel like you really don’t want to be there all alone although you can’t quite figure out why.

•A place where there have been many deaths.  The deaths might be suspicious (e.g. multiple murders) but not necessarily so!  A place where there are suddenly several bad traffic accidents, for example, might have been suddenly infested by a demon.

•A place where many businesses have started and gone bankrupt – over and over in the same location.

•A place where various phenomena happen.  Thumping noises, remote controls flying across the room, the power cutting off, whining or howling sounds, and so on.

•A place where people who normally feel fine instead feel lots of negative emotions – heavy, depressed, thinking lots of negative thoughts about themselves, and so on.  If you notice that you were happy and then you walked into a place and suddenly felt negative – then walk back out and feel fine shortly thereafter – this is a great clue that demons of some kind are there!