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A to Z of Paranormal words and meanings

A none exhaustive list of paranormal words and their meanings...

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Abacomancy: A method of divination using patterns of dust. In some cases the dust is from the remains of the recently deceased.

Abaddon: The name of the demon in Revelations 9.11, known as the angel of the bottomless pit.

Abductee: Someone who claims to have had an abduction experience, in particular, abduction by extraterrestrials.

Abigor: The name of a demon who has the power to see into the future & provide military aid.

Abominable Snowman: AKA Yeti, a tall ape-like creature said to inhabit the Himalayan Mountains. The North American version is the Bigfoot.

Abracadabra: Originally a Kabalistic charm. In modern times used as a popular magical incantation.

Abrasax: A mystical word linked to the solar cycle. It expresses the number 365 geometrically.

Achor: Cyrenean name for Beelzebub.

Adamastor: The name of a spirit inhabiting the Cape of Good Hope, which prophesises doom for those sailing beyond the cape towards India.

Adept: A person skilled in the ways of the occult.

Adjuration: A formula used by conjurers & exorcists dealing with evil spirits. The spirit is commanded in the name of the Christian God to obey the conjurer/exorcist.

Adytum: A Greek word describing the holiest part of a temple. In occultism it describes the holiest area of an initiation centre.

Aeromancy: The art of predicting the future by observing atmospheric events such as wind & cloud formations. AKA Austromancy.

Aetites: A stone said to be found in the throat or stomach of an eagle, that can provide protection during childbirth.

Agate: A stone said to give the bearer magical assistance such as the power of invisibility, as well as protection in battle.

Agathodemon: A benevolent spirit with a serpent's body & human head, worshipped by ancient Egyptians.

Alastor: A demon in Roman mythology, the evil genius of a house.

Alberich: In Scandinavian mythology, the King of the Dwarves.

Alchemy: The exploration & application of the sciences, particularly chemistry & the pseudo science of astrology, such as they were understood during the middle ages & early Renaissance period. Alchemists were chiefly dedicated to the worthy pursuit of producing gold from baser metals & various materials.

Alectromancy: The art of divination by using a cock or hen. The bird is placed in the centre of a circle surrounded by letters. The bird indicates letters which spell out answers to questions.

Aleuromancy: The art of divination using flour. In one technique, sentences are written on pieces of paper, rolled up in flour & distributed amongst participants to tell them their future. Another method involves reading the residue left in a flour/water container.

Alien: An extraterrestrial being, i.e. from some location other than the earth.

Alien Abduction: A phenomena in which people claim to have been abducted by aliens, usually an unpleasant experience, often involving painful procedures.

Alma:  Russian Wildman encountered in Siberia & northern China, generally described as being covered in hair & powerfully built, though shorter in stature & more human appearing than the Yeti. Some researchers have suggested that Alma's may be descended from Neanderthals (Homo Neanderthalensis).

See also: Bigfoot, Yeti

Alomancy: The art of divination using salt in a similar way to aleuromancy.

Alphitomancy: A method of judging a person's innocence or guilt by feeding them a specially-prepared barley loaf. If the accused suffers from stomach irritation or pain, they are deemed guilty.

Amulet: An object used to ward off evil. Amulets can take many forms.

Ancient Astronauts:  Extra-terrestrial beings that are said to have visited Earth in the distant past, helping early humans develop culture & technology.

Angel: An immortal being who acts as an intermediary or messenger between God & mortals. Although popular culture usually portrays angels as good, they can be good or evil.

Angelical Stone: A stone used for divination by Dr John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee claimed to have been given the stone by the Angels Raphael & Gabriel. The stone is now housed at the British Museum.

Animal PSI: The apparent ability of animals to exhibit psychic powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy & even psychokinesis. Reported examples include the ability to sense impending danger, to sense the proximity of an owner, to sense harm to an owner at a distance, & to navigate unknown territory.

Anthropomancy: AKA Necromancy, a method of divination by raising the dead or interpreting the movements of a dead person's entrails.

Antichrist: The demon who is predicted to precede the Second Coming of Christ, in Revelation 13.

Apparition: The projection or manifestation of a quasi-physical entity.

Apport: An object or living being that materializes from thin air in the presence of a medium. Often claimed to be a gift from the spirits.

Arcanum: Something hidden. The plural arcane refers to the varied knowledge of occult lore. It is also used to describe the 22 picture cards of the tarot card pack.

Archangel: "Senior" angels who are said to guide the spiritual lives of populations of people, rather than individuals who are tended to by angels. In Christianity & Judaism, seven archangels are each assigned one of the seven spheres of Heaven: Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Joophiel, Zadkiel & Samael (Satan).

Area 51: Popular name for part of a secret military base in North America, approximately 95 miles north of Las Vegas, rumoured to be home to research involving extra-terrestrial beings &/or technology.

Area 54: Part of Area 51, rumoured to be the location of secret aircraft tests.

Arigó, José (1918-1971): Brazilian psychic surgeon said to be able to cure people with the assistance of the spirit of a deceased German doctor.

Ariolater: A person who foretells the future by interpreting omens.

Arithmomancy: Similar to numerology, the study of correlations between people, numbers & gods.

Ark of the Covenant: A gold chest said to contain the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were inscribed.

Aset Ka: A spiritual society & metaphysical order of mysteries.

Asport: An object or living being that vanishes from a location. Can be considered the opposite of an apport.

Astragalomancy: A method of divination by throwing dice or bones.

Astral: A vague term that usually describes the fabric of the heavens.

Astral Body: The spiritual version of the physical body, existing in the astral plane.

Astral Plane: The dimension inhabited by higher spiritual beings, invisible to humans but visited during sleep, trance states & after death.

Astral Projection: Out-of-body experience. Also referred to as Astral Travel.

Astrology: The study of celestial bodies & their influences on Earthly life.

Atlantis: A mythological continent said to have existed thousands of years ago & inhabited by an advanced civilization. It is said to have been destroyed in an unknown cataclysm.

Augur: A diviner or soothsayer.

Aura: An apparent envelope of energy that surrounds human individuals. Invisible under normal circumstances but claimed to be seen by psychics & aura photographers (Kirlian Photography).

Austromancy: Another word for aeromancy.

Automatic Writing: The practice of writing text while in a trance or state of altered consciousness. Used by mediums to communicate with the dead.

Axinomancy: A method of divination involving an axe; for example, heating the axe in the embers of a fire.


Backward Blessing: The practice of reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards, said to invoke the Devil.

Balneum Mariae: AKA Bain Marie, A kind of double-cooker originally used in alchemy.

Banshee: Banshee, originates in Irish culture. The name comes from the Irish bean 'si' for 'woman of the fairy mounds'. It is a spirit in the classification of fairies in Irish mythology of female gender. It is primarily seen as an warning that death is near. The concept of a banshee is most often associated with the banshee's 'scream'. According to Irish myth, the banshee cries or wails around a house or family if someone is about to die. In certain cases the cry of the banshee, for a family member that died away from home, was the first warning that a family had that their loved one passed away. According to tradition the banshee could only cry or sing for the death of five major Irish families. They are the O'Briens, the O'Connors, the O'Gradys, the O'Neills & the Kavanaghs. Banshee's are also common in Scottish folklore.

Basilisk: Mythical king of reptiles, said to kill with a glance.

Beelzebub: Translates literally as "Lord of the Flies", regarded as the leading representative of the fallen gods. Referred to in Matthew 12:24 as the "Prince of the Devils".

Belomancy: A method of divination using arrows. Messages are attached to arrows & fired - the one which travels the farthest is taken to be the truth.

Belphegor: Originally, the Moabitish god of licentiousness & orgies. In medieval times, the name given to a devil.

Bennington Triangle: A wilderness area in Vermont, USA, where a number of people have mysteriously disappeared.

Bermuda Triangle: An area in the Atlantic Ocean defined by Bermuda, Florida & Puerto Rico. Various paranormal events have been reported from the area, in particular, a number of missing planes & sea vessels.

Bicorn: A mythical creature said to grow fat on the flesh of devoted husbands. A female bicorn is known as a chichevache.

Bigfoot:  A bulky, hair covered, bipedal humanoid which appears to possess both human & ape-like characteristics. Also known as Sasquatch & Yeti, depending upon locale. Sightings of these creatures have for centuries been widely reported.

Bilocation: The appearance of a person in two distant places simultaneously.

Black Magic: Opposite or perversion of white magic, concerned with evil &/or selfishness.

Black Mass: A perversion of the Christian mass. Involves various distortions of Christian rituals, e.g. Backward blessings, sacrifices of toads or chickens, sprinkling urine instead of holy water.

Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna (1831-1891): Russian-born American mystic who co-founded the Theosophical Society.

Bogy: A hobgoblin.

Book of the Dead: An ancient Egyptian collection of texts designed to ensure the safe passage of a person's soul through Amenti (the Egyptian Hell).

Book of Thoth: A mystical book containing spells & knowledge, said to have been buried with the Prince Neferkaptah in the City of the Dead. Also refers to the tarot card deck designed by occultist Aleister Crowley.

Botanomancy: A method of divination using burning herbs, tree branches & leaves.

Bridgewater Triangle: An area in Massachusetts, USA, said to be the location of strong paranormal activity.

Brontoscopy: A method of divination by listening to the sound of thunder.

Brothers of the Shadow: AKA Dark Brothers, Grey Brothers. People who choose to follow the teachings of black magic.

Browne, Sylvia (1936-): Well-known American psychic.

Bunyip: Mythological creature from indigenous Australian folklore.


Cabala: Alternate spelling of Kabbalah.

Cacodemon: From the Greek term meaning evil spirit. In medieval times, sometimes used to name the 12th house of the horoscope figure.

Caduceus: The name given to a number of ancient symbolic wands, originating in Mesopotamia around 2600 BC.

Cagliostro, Count Alessandro (1743-1795): An Italian magician & psychic who was well-known in European royal courts.

Cambion: Half-human offspring of an incubus & a succubus.

Capnomancy: A method of divination by interpreting patterns of smoke, especially smoke from sacrificial offerings.

Caput Mortuum: Latin for "death's head". In alchemy, the residue from an alchemical operation such as distillation or sublimation.

Cartomancy: Any method of divination using playing cards. Tarot is a form of cartomancy.

Cayce, Edgar (1877-1945): American psychic & healer.

Cerberus: In Greek mythology, a three-headed dog that guards the gate to the infernal regions.

Ceroscopy: A method of divination using melted wax poured into cold water. The congealed shapes are interpreted by the diviner.

Champ: Common name for the cryptozoological Monster of Lake Champlain.

Channeling: The process of communicating with non-physical beings (spirits, etc.).

Charm: A magical formula recited or sung in order to achieve a desired effect. Sometimes used in the making of amulets & talismans.

Chichevache: A mythical female monster, believed to have subsisted by eating good & virtuous women.

Chiromancy: A form of Palmistry.

Chupacabra: A creature of legend said to inhabit areas of Northern & Southern America.

Clairaudience: Similar to clairvoyance, but specifically related to sounds. The ability to hear paranormal voices & sounds.

Clairsentience: A general term to describe "clear sensing", or paranormal sensing ability. An umbrella term which includes clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is a generalized term in the paranormal research world that refers to the ability to gain information about a person, place or object using means other then the normal five senses. It is often what is referred to as a "sixth sense" or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). It is not the same as telepathy. Telepathy involves, essentially, reading an individual's thoughts & understanding things from their perspective. Clairvoyance is the process of perceiving, beyond ordinary perception, direct & actual information about a person, place or thing.

Cleidomancy: Any method of divination using a key.

Cleromancy: Any method of divination using dice.

Close Encounters: A system of classifying UFO sightings, originally suggested by ufologist Josef Allen Hynek in 1972.

Cloud Dissolving:  The practice of making clouds disappear at will. Sometimes used as an easy illusion, as small fair-weather clouds tend to dissolve naturally within twenty minutes of forming.

Cluricaune: In Irish folklore, a leprechaun.

Cockatrice: A mythical creature with bird wings, a dragon's tail & a cock's head. Said to be able to kill with a glance.

Cocytus: Classical name of one of the five rivers of Hell. The unburied were said to walk beside the rivers for a hundred years.

Cold Reading: A technique commonly used in sessions such as psychic readings, in which the person conducting the session elicits information from the subject without their awareness, then uses this information to create the illusion of supernatural ability.

Conjuration: The practice of attracting the attention & involvement of spirits by means of ritual activities.

Croiset, Gerard (1909–1980): Dutch psychic & psychometrist.

Crop Circles: During the past three centuries, throughout the British Isles but with a particular concentration in the southern region of England, circular impressions spanning sometimes several hundred feet in diameter & often quite intricate in design, have frequently & inexplicably been appearing overnight in wheat & grain fields. Sometimes the source can be traced to hoaxers'; sometimes the details do not allow for any satisfactory, mundane explanation. Much documentation, as well as speculation, regarding this topic is available.

Crowley, Aleister (Edward Alexander): (b. 1875, d.1947) Scottish-born occultist, metaphysician, sorcerer, adventurer, poet & author of many occult treatises & manuals, including 'Magick in Theory and Practice.' Crowley once dubbed himself "The Great Beast 666," one of the few of his many monikers which stayed with him, & the press referred to him as "The Wickedest Man in the World." Although in some respects brilliant, Crowley gave himself over to excess, amorality & eventual dissipation. His writings are still studied & analysed by many present day, serious students of the magical arts.

Cryokinesis: It is a form of Psychokinesis that refers to the ability to slow atomic motion to the point where a piece of matter freezes. In general it is the ability to remove kinetic energy from a piece of matter. Much like pyrokinesis this ability seems to be more rooted in fiction stories & comic books than actual witnessed psychic phenomena.

Cryptid: Any species of animal which has not been formally identified or categorized by science, e.g. Yeti.

Cryptozoology: The study & search for those animals whose present-day existence is not formally recognized by mainstream science.

Crystal Skulls: Five human skull models, exquisitely crafted in antiquity from solid quartz crystal, have been found in various locations throughout Latin America, the best known of these being the 'Mitchell-Hedges Skull,' discovered in 1924 in the Balese Jungle of Labuton by Anna Mitchell-Hedges while on an expedition with her father, & still in her possession in Canada. The others are kept in collections in Guatemala, Texas, the Smithsonian & the British Museum. Mayan legend tells that eight more crystal skulls remain, & that by the time all thirteen are united, mankind will have learned how to extract & decipher the vital information, history & revelations, which they contain.

C'thulu: A creation of author H.P. Lovecraft & a favorite of horror/science fiction enthusiasts, C'thulu' (pronunciation is interpretive) is described as a kind of demon-god from another world, monstrosity resembling a gigantic squid or octopus who "sleeps & dreams" in his lair at the bottom of the Arctic ocean, biding his time until some foolhardy "disciples" find means to call him to rise & reclaim dominion of the earth. Doubtlessly, some are actually trying! See also: H.P. Lovecraft & Necronomicon.


Dee, Doctor John: (b. 1527, d. 1608) Alchemist, astrologer, seer & advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England who, along with his somewhat unscrupulous associate Edward Kelly, supposedly devised a method of deciphering an angelic language, known as the "Enochian Calls."

Demon: The word demon, from a Christian perspective, typically is used to label a fallen angel. Angels that, through an opposition to God's law, have fallen away from Him. As a result of their falling away from God, their purposes & interactions are considered evil & contrary to the goodness of God. It should be noted that while modern definition of the word demon relates to evil spirits or fallen angels, in classical Greek writings (from which the word originates) the term simple meant some form of divinity or supernatural being, without the evil connotation associated with it.

Digital Voice Recorder: Is a battery operated device used in everyday life to make audio recordings of sounds. Such devices are used for dictation, note taking or recording lectures. The Digital Voice Recorder is similar to a tape recorder without the tape. The audio signals are stored on internal memory within the recorder for playback at a later time. One of the benefits of using a digital voice recorder over an analog recorder is the reduction of hiss that you would get with an analog based recorder. The digital recorder provides a clearer recording. The purpose of using a voice recorder during a paranormal investigation is the possibility of capturing a disembodied voice, or EVP, during the investigation. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena & is believed to be the voice of a spirit or entity that is neither visible to the human eye or able to be heard by unassisted means. This tool should be considered a must have during your paranormal investigations.


Elementals: In magical tradition & ceremony, spirits which govern the four corners of the earth & are associated with, or reside within, the four basic elements. They are called Sylphs (the east, air), Salamanders (the south, fire), Undines (the west, water), & Gnomes (the north, earth).

EMF Meter: Electro-Magnetic Field detector - is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields. EMF may be an abbreviation for electromagnetic field or electromagnetic fluctuation. Most meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC fields) or the change in an electromagnetic field over time (AC fields). The readings are displayed in either Milligauss or Tesla. See Mel Meter or KII

Enochian: Is a name often applied to an occult or angelic language recorded in the private journals of Dr. John Dee & his seer Edward Kelley in the late 16th century. This language was used in the rituals of both the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" in the 19th century & the "First Church of Satan" in the 20th century. Some contemporary scholars of magic consider it a constructed language.

Entity: A disembodied "consciousness" commonly referred to as ghost, spirit or (if of an apparently malicious or resentful nature) demon.

EVP: 'Electronic Voice Phenomena.' Disembodied "voices" & sounds imprinted on audio recording devices. These recordings fall into one of three classifications:

        A - A voice or sound that is clearly heard & understood by anyone who listens to it. These EVP's are not processed in any way.

        B - A voice or sound that is heard & but may require the assistance of headphones or a noise or hiss reduction process for others to hear.

              (This type of EVP is most common.)

        C - A voice or sound that is barley heard. Often these EVP's are faint or a whisper & sometimes indecipherable.

              They almost always require the assistance of headphones & noise or hiss reduction processing for others to hear.

Extra-terrestrials: Life forms originating on planets other than our own. This term usually refers to highly advanced visitors from other worlds, who journey to our sphere in space crafts with the probable intention of observing & studying our species.


Faustus, Doctor Johann: (b. circa 1455, d. 1540) Scholar, physician & alchemist from Wittenberg, Germany, who was renowned for his proficiency in treating victims of the plague contagion (to which the Doctor seemed strangely resistant), & the basis for the stories by Johann Wolfgang Goethe & Christopher Marlowe about a learned man who sold his soul to the devil through his infernal agent Mephistopheles in exchange for "four & twenty years" of knowledge, youth & power.

Floating Orb:  Spherical image, usually translucent white, though sometimes of a reddish or bluish hue, which inexplicably registers on photographic film & videotape, also known as "Globule."



Ghost: The image of a person witnessed after his/her death, reflecting the appearance of the living, physical body yet less substantial. These forms often seem to exist in a dream-like state of semi-awareness, at times though not always cognizant of their human observers.

Globule: An anomaly where-in floating, circular forms appear on photographs or videotape, which seem indicative of spirit activity. Globes are a natural containment formation of the meniscus of liquid, as in gas containing bubbles; perhaps the interaction of energy & a quasi-physical substance produced by spiritual manifestations results in a similar effect, the globules being an initial containment of energy. Presently, all we know is that they continue to appear, & extraneous possible causes such as moisture, light refraction or emulsion seepage, etc., have been considered & ruled out. Also referred to as Orbs.

Golden-Rod: A rare anomaly seen in videotape recorded at the site of a suspected haunting, appearing as bright, white or yellowish lines rapidly moving across a room.

Grey: The most frequently reported visitor from an alien world, described as having greyish skin, a bulbous cranium, tapered chin, straight, unmoving, horizontal line for a mouth, slits substituting for a nose, slanted eyes, & a slight body. In some accounts, it has three fingers plus an opposable thumb on each hand. Supposedly, such beings were encountered by Betty & (the late) Barney Hill during their abduction in New Hampshire in September, 1961.



Haunting: The manifestation of a ghostly presence, or presences, attached to a specific locale. A haunting can be categorized into four (usually) distinct types, these being Intelligent (responsive), Poltergeist (likely initiated by pent-up stress on a subconscious level), Residual (replay) & Demonic (non-human origin).

Hellhound: A hellhound is a dog of hell. Its origins are found in various mythologies, folklores, & supernatural encounters. They are most frequently described as a large black dog with glowing red or fiery eyes. Typically they are assumed to be strong & threatening. They are often attributed with supernatural properties like the ability to manifest physically & vanish at will. Sometimes they are described as shadow or smoke-like in appearance. In almost all cases their purpose seems to be to guard areas or block passage to certain areas. They are often associated with guarding places associated with death such as cemeteries & burial grounds.

Hex: A magical working, or "spell," cast to influence a person's will or fate, most often referring to a curse rather than a blessing or healing.

Homunculus: A form of miniature human supposedly produced (for purposes unknown) in the laboratories of medieval alchemists.



Incubus: (plural incubi): A type of demon, in folklore & legend, that takes on the form of a man. They seduce or force sexual intercourse on humans, especially woman. These relations are said to eventually cause failing health & even death. In certain beliefs, the incubus, using semen acquired from a man by a succubus can impregnate a woman.

Infestation: Repeated & persistent paranormal phenomena, generally centered around a particular location or person(s). Also known as a haunting.

Influence: An invisible entity of undetermined nature, effecting the inhabitants of a dwelling. This may initially manifest as an inexplicable feeling of uneasiness, then be followed by more definite signs which reveal a haunting.

IR Camera: An IR Camera is nothing more than a digital or film based camera which has had the IR filter removed & replaced with a filter that is designed to block all visible light. The main advantage of an IR camera is you can photograph objects in total darkness as long as you have a IR (Infra-red) light source.



Jersey Devil: In the Pine Barrens region of New Jersey there have been reports of a very strange & singular creature for more than two & a half centuries. The creature has been described as having an equine head, reddish glowing eyes, stork's legs, forelimbs with claws, a pointed tail & large bat-like wings. It emits a shrill, piercing scream, & has been sighted rifling through garbage, standing in paths & roads, & flying just above the tree tops. In the early 1900's the Jersey Devil was sighted so many times that local schools & business's closed down & people were reluctant to leave their homes. These sightings were not only reported by the locals but law enforcement officials as well.


K2/KII Meter: The K2/KII meter is a scientific instrument used for measuring electromagnetic fields. This meter has been used by paranormal investigators to attempt to communicate with spirits encountered on investigations due to the fact that the LED read is easy to read. This is only theory due to the lack of evidence supporting communication

Kirlian Photography: Named after Semyon Kirlian who, in 1939, discovered - reportedly by accident - that when an organic or non living object is placed upon a photographic plate & subjected to a high electric current, a glowing "aura" forms around the object & is imprinted on the film. It is more accurate to say that rather than revealing a natural aura, this process produces such. However, fluctuations in the magnetic fields surrounding the subjects can be detected in this way, & Kirlian photography, the technique having been improved upon through the years, has recently come into use as a medical diagnostic device. It also has a popular market at psychic fairs as a sort of high-tech, more expansive version of the mood ring. Kirlian photography does produce some beautiful & interesting effects.


Loch Ness Monster: The Loch Ness Monster is a creature that is alleged to live in the depths of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Stories of lake & river monsters in this area of Scotland have existed since the 6th century A.D. Recent interest in the idea of a monster in Loch Ness started with a single eye witness account in 1933. Accounts have been reported many times since this account. The creature, as reported by those who claimed to have seen it the decades, describe some common features. The creature is described as dark grey or blackish in colour. It is around 20-25 feet long. Its skin is described as thick & elephant like. It has a reasonably slender body with a long neck & small head. It has also been described with small forelegs or flippers. Similar flippers may be present in the form of hind appendages as well. The most descriptive accounts come from alleged encounters with the creature out of the water as it moved along the shoreline or across roads. This would imply that it is an air breathing creature.

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips "H.P.": (b. 1890, d. 1937) Horror fiction writer from Providence, Rhode Island, whose prose apparently is so haunting & convincing that some present day cults practice rituals based on what is termed as Lovecraft's "C'thulu Mythos." See also: C'thulu & Necronomicon

Lycanthrope: A person who projects a frenzied display of their innate savagery for periodic episodes, believing themselves to be overcome by the spirit of a beast.


Magic: The practice of directing psychic ability or "supernatural" forces to effect changes & fulfil desires. Many modern practitioners have adopted the archaic spelling of magic, in the tradition of author & occultist, Aleister Crowley (b. 1871, d. 1947).

Mel Meter: The Mel Meter Model 8704 is an Intelligent microprocessor based instrument specifically designed for Paranormal Investigators & Enthusiasts. Several Important features have been incorporated into this durable, precision hand held instrument. All of them accessible with the meter being held in on hand. The Mel Meter is the only meter that can measure EMF & temperature "Cold Spots" at the same time. It has been the generally accepted theory that spirits do emit an extremely low frequency (ULF / ELF) EM field, which commonly registers between 2.0 & 7.0 mG in strength. Typically, anything below 40Hz would be considered part of the ELF range. The Mel-8704-2X was designed to address the ULF & ELF range simultaneously.



Necronomicon: A grimier (that is, collection) of ancient sigils & incantations of nebulous origins, discovered in the 8th century by the "Mad Arab," Abdul Alhazred, said to be capable of opening a chasm to the "Dread Dimension" & unleashing the wrathful power of the timeless "Elder Gods." Although some occultists believe this tome to be at least derived from genuine (& nefarious) sources, we are fairly confident that it sprang from the fiction of Providence, Rhode Island-born horror author, Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft (b. 1890, d. 1937).

Necromancy: The practice of communicating with the dead to obtain knowledge of the future, others' secrets, etc. An archaic term, the necromancer was said to employ magic spells & conjuration to summon, then banish, the spirits of the dead.


Ogopogo: Similar to the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo is the name given to a creature that allegedly lives in Okanagan Lake in Canada. The first documented sightings of the creature date back to the late 1800's. Most sightings of the creature in which details about it were clear & visible have no evidence, outside of witness testimony, to back them up. Most video or photographic evidence, although often unclear & difficult to make out, seems to coincide with the personal accounts & paints a picture of a large serpentine creature. Some claim the few photos & video evidence coupled with the personal accounts indicate the creature could be an animal similar to a Basilosaurus which is a primitive form of whale that lived 34 to 40 million years ago in the Late Eocene period.

Oui-ja (Board): A divining implement consisting of a small, round or more often rectangular platform with letters, numbers & various symbols printed upon it, & a "plancette" which, when the fingers of two participants are lightly placed along its edges, is intended to glide across the smooth surface of the inscribed platform & indicate messages. Conceived of as a parlor game in the wake of popular spiritualism, this is believed to potentially be a very dangerous tool for inviting in unpredictable, invasive forces.



Paranormal: The realm of occurrences & phenomena removed from those to which people are accustomed & comprehend, & presently uncategorized by standard academia.

Parapsychology:  The Avenue of paranormal studies & research relating chiefly to psychic abilities (e.s.p., telepathy) & spiritual phenomena.

Precognition:  Precognition literally mean to "know before" or to "know prior to". It refers to the ability to predict future events. These predictions or perceptions of events that will occur in the future are derived by means other than the known facts of the moment.

Psychic: Relating to the psyche, of the mind or soul, rather than the mundane. Psychic is the most familiar & bandied-about term encountered in paranormal research ( "a psychic," "psychic investigation," etc.).

Psychokinesis: Psychokinesis, also known as Telekinesis, refers to the ability to manipulate matter & energy without making physical contact. It typically refers to the ability of a person to use his/her mind to control & manipulate objects in a physical way, although it can also refer to the ability to influence things such as an electronic random number generator or other electronic device. It is also used as a global or umbrella term to represent a number of other psychic abilities that fall under the general concept of manipulating the environment with one's mind. It is often abbreviated as PK for Psychokinesis or TK for Telekinesis.

Pyrokinesis: It is a form of psychokinesis that refers to the ability to excite the atoms in a piece of matter to the point of combustion. A number of experts in the paranormal field do not recognize pyrokinesis as an actual paranormal ability. It is generally believed to simply be a production of fictional stories, such as Stephen King's Firestarter, & comic books.



Quabbala (also Cabbala, Kabbala): A very ancient & complex system of Jewish mysticism, probably influenced by Assyrian-Babylonian & Macedonian beliefs & existing as the basis of an underground cult during much of the middle ages.


Residual Haunting: Psychic imprint of a scene which is repeatedly played out, where the witness of such phenomenon essentially is peering into the past. The ghostly participants of these time-displacements often seem unaware of their living observers.


Spirit: Existence apart from, or transcending, the purely physical; also, the life-force of an organism. A spirit commonly refers to a ghost.

Spook: A term to describe a benevolent spirit, exclusively of America, which comes from the legends of the Red Indians.

Succubus (plural succubi): A type of demon, in folklore & legend, which takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men. They seduce or force men, either in a waking state or in dreams, to have sexual intercourse with them. They draw energy from their victims by this process & exhaust & potentially kill their victims over time. In more modern lore the succubi are depicted as attractive. Traditionally they were depicted as ugly. There are other beliefs the succubi not only draw energy from their victims but actually collect semen as well which they hand off to their male counterparts, the incubi. The Incubi then use this semen to impregnate women. This was sometimes used to explain deformed children or children that appeared to be more tuned into the supernatural world.



Tape Recorder: Is a battery operated device used in everyday life to make audio recordings of sounds. Such devices are used for dictation, note taking or recording lectures. The Tape Recorder is used to record audio signals which are stored on magnetic tape for playback at a later time. The Tape Recorder is also referred to as an analog recorder & is known to produce a hiss if an external microphone is not used during the recording process. The purpose of using a voice recorder during a paranormal investigation is the possibility of capturing a disembodied voice, or EVP, during the investigation. See EVP

Telekinesis: A psychic phenomenon where-in objects are remotely displaced & moved around, solely by the powers of the mind.

Telepathy: Telepathy, from the Greek tele meaning distant & patheia, meaning feeling, centres around the idea of an individual being able to sense or read thoughts & emotions of another individual using means other than the tradition five sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing & taste. Traditionally this concept is centered on reading a person although it can be extended to the idea of being able to impress the 'Telepaths' thoughts or emotions on a person as well. There is little evidence of telepathy in historic records. It is generally believed that the concept of telepathy came into being in the western scientific world in the late 1800's & early 1900's with the study of "thought transference". Research by the Society for Psychical Research gave birth to the term telepathy. Most of the study of this work, by the Society for Psychical Research & other researched of that time, was done by researching personal accounts & performing some basic experiments.

Thermal Imaging Camera: A thermal imaging camera is a type of thermo graphic camera used to render infrared radiation as visible light. Such cameras allow the user to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers. Thermal imaging cameras are typically handheld, constructed using heat & water-resistant housings, & are ruggedized. While they are expensive pieces of equipment, they are highly coveted by Paranormal Investigators.

Therianthropy: Therianthropy is the general category of shape-shifting in which man is able to transform into animal & back. It is the super category of all human to animal shape shifters. The most well-known of the type of therianthropy is lycanthropy (human-wolf transformation). Therianthropy has permeated cultures, mythologies & lore for millennia.

Thought Transference: Telepathic transmitting of images & messages from the mind of one person to that of another.

Time-displacement: The experience of a time span separate from the native time span of the observer. The phenomenon is sometimes merely viewed & not participated in; sometimes a person seems to actually time-travel to another era.

TriField Natural EM Meter: The TriField Natural EM Meter was designed to do field measurements for special research. It detects changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric & magnetic fields, & signals with both a tone & the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio & microwave detector is also included, which reads radio power directly. Because man-made AC electric & magnetic fields are very common & could interfere with readings of static fields, the meter has been designed to ignore AC fields. Normal construction materials don't block magnetic fields, so the meter can be placed indoors & will work equally well, & due to the built-in tone, it can be used in the dark, & will sound the tone at whatever level of field the user sets. Model 1 operates on a standard 9-volt battery, & Model 2 runs on a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter (both included).



Ultra-terrestrials: Beings who appear human & visit our plane of existence with some form of message or mission, then inexplicably vanish.



Vampire: A demonic entity in the form of a deceased person, which perpetuates itself by draining the blood or psychic energy of the living.

Voodoo: African magic traditions with a veneer of imposed Catholicism from the new world, taking root in the Caribbean, particularly the dark populous of Haiti. Similarities in origin & practices exist in the beliefs of 'Obia' (Jamaica) & 'Santeria' (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic).


Warlock: Term that originally meant "deceiver" or " one who misleads". In more modern parlance has become associated with a male witch.

Werewolf: (Old/Middle English word for man = were) A human being capable of transforming into the form of a wolf (or any variety of animals), then back to human; sometimes referred to as a "Shape-Shifter." See also Lycanthrope

Witch: Broadly, a practitioner of the magic arts, specifically a woman who employs charms, herbs & incantations to effect the workings of her will. Also, a practitioner of the Wicca craft.



Xenobiology: From the Greek word "Xeno" = strange, the observation/speculation of the biology of very uncommon or unverified creatures. This term has usage in the research categories of crypto zoology & otherworldly aliens.

Xenophobia: A pronounced aversion to people, or beings, of foreign origins.



Yeti: A legendary creature of Tibet's Himalayan Mountains region, an anthropoid with both human & ape characteristics, the "Abominable Snow Man." As with its western counterpart, the Sasquatch or Bigfoot, credible witnesses have reported sightings & numerous tracks have been found, but photographs & purported bodily remnants of the creature remain inconclusive. Update: During the fall 2009 season of "Destination Truth" hosted by Josh Gates, Josh & his crew acquired a hair sample while hunting for signs of the Yeti. DNA analysis proved the hair was not from any known species.



Zombie: Prevalent in Haitian lore, a cadaver disinterred shortly after burial (ere it spoils) & reanimated through the use of Voodoo, its sole purpose thereafter being servitude as a mindless slave. Combine secret pharmaceuticals inducing simulated death with oxygen deprivation in a tomb, then a hasty exhumation in the dark of night, & there emerges the horrid premise behind the myth.