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Do It Yourself

Ghosts hunting can be fun and what better way than looking for the proof than doing it yourself. Haunted Yorkshire will always encourage people to carry out their own investigations rather than relying on reports from sites such as ours, However, please take in to consideration the following before carrying one out.


We all make mistakes but if your going ghost hunting there are a few things you should never do. On this page there is a list of ten mistakes that people make when performing a ghost hunt. Some of them may sound like common sense but when you’re out on an investigation it is easy to forget some of the simplest rules.


1) Don’t go ghost hunting alone.


Why: This rule exists for several reasons but the two major ones are that you could get hurt and there will be no one to back up what happened during the investigation


2) Never trespass.


Why: Its illegal and gives ghost hunters/ghost hunting a bad image. Find the owner and ask for permission. Explain your reason for going and what you will be doing. If they still say no then forget about the place. NEVER go onto the property after you have been told no. You can face criminal charges be it either fines or a night in jail.


3) Don’t be disrespectful to the spirits.


Why: You should always treat a spirit with respect. Think of it like this, If you switched places with them wouldn't you like someone who came in and asked you permission and treated you nicely then someone who just walked up and started snapping photos of you? You are walking into their territory and wanting to interact with them and the best way is to give them some respect by asking their permission to be there and to take their photo.


4) No Smoking.


Why: Believe it or not some ghost hunters think its perfectly fine to smoke during a ghost hunt. Then when they get smoke in their photos they call it ectoplasm. Smoke can show up on photos or video and will look a lot like ecto or even orbs. Spirits sometimes put off smells and sometimes that smell can be of tobacco but how are you going to claim that as spiritual activity if someone is smoking?


5) Others speaking during recording.


Why: Well this is a simple one but one of the most broken rules. If your trying to record a evp how are you going to know what you got is real when you have a bunch of people talking in the background. It is always best to have everyone in the same area and only the one recording speaks.


6) Don’t Wear perfume or cologne.


Why: Partly for the same reason as not smoking. The smells of perfume or cologne can trick other ghost hunters causing false claims of activity.


7) Don’t Reuse old cassette tapes.


Why: Even though it gets expensive to buy new tapes all the time you can not reuse cassette tapes. Audio from the old recording can bleed through and make you think you are hearing a evp.


8) Don’t use any from of talking board.


Why: This is another one that has several reasons the two big ones are it is not a scientific tool and can not be claimed as evidence and the second one is your never sure who you are actually talking to. Many people believe that using these boards can open up doorways allowing spirits that weren’t originally there to show up and perhaps attach themselves to you or the location. It’s never right to call forth spirits. We should only deal with those who are already here.


9) Pay attention to reflective objects.


Why: Know your surroundings. Are there any signs or any other reflective objects because when you take a photo of a reflective object in the dark it can look like some form of spirit energy to the untrained eye. When looking at your photos try to disprove it. If you cant disprove it then and only then consider it paranormal.


10) Don’t think everything is a spirit orb


Why: Now this topic has many different views by many different people. Some say all orbs are ghost and others say all orbs are dust or water droplets. Our stance is in the middle. We believe that some orbs are spirits but we know that other things come in the orb shape. When trying to figure out if your orb is a ghost or not look for natural causes. Was the air damp? Was anyone kicking up dust or dirt walking around? Also if your picture is full of orbs chances are you don’t have a paranormal picture.


Last but not least, have a good time..