Haunted Yorkshire

They're Closer Than You Think!

E.V.P. Recordings

Here's a selection of E.V.P. recordings which have been uploaded onto the internet. Also see E.V.P.s Explained.


"Get Out"

This was recorded in a restaurant in Chicago, the voice is in the middle of the clip, but is repeated at the end.


"Do You Hear Us"

Another recording in the Chicago Restaurant. "Do you hear us"


An E.V.P. recorded in a castle, this sounds like "Hello" followed by the death rattle.



This was recorded in England, listen for the "yes" just after the person calls out!

" I Know Those People Are With You"

This recording was made in a theatre, you can hear quite clearly someone saying " I know those people are with you"

"Hell No"

Another theatre recording when asked " would someone like to communicate with us" the reply comes " hell no"