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Famous People
who claim to have seen a ghost..

Approximately one in seven Britons believe that they have seen a ghost at some time in their lives, so it’s not surprising that, among that number, are quite a few celebrities. Read our run-down of celebrity ghost encounters.





  • The Royals spend much of their lives in ancient castles so you might expect them to have seen a ghost or two. And you wouldn’t be wrong. 
  • The Queen herself is said to have spotted the ghost of John Brown who was the servant to Queen Victoria. He was spotted in the grounds of Balmoral.
  • Also Princess Margaret is reported to have seen the ghost of Elizabeth 1st within Windsor Castle.

Pop Stars

  • The family of ageing rocker Mick Jagger spotted headless ghosts at their holiday home in France. Jagger’s daughter, Elizabeth, claims she saw the ghost of a woman holding her head in her hands, and believes the apparitions may be of the building’s former owners, who died during the French Revolution.
  • Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher claims that the ghost of John Lennon appeared to him a few years ago whilst he worked on a new album.
  • Sting reportedly saw the ghosts of a woman and child while lying in bed with his wife. At first he thought the ghosts were his own wife and child – the he realised his wife was still lying right next to him!
  • Robbie Williams is said to have a love for all things spooky, and, according to his father, was able to see ghosts even as a child. More recently, the spirit of an old woman appeared to him while he stayed at Ringo Starr’s house in Los Angeles.


  • Actor Daniel Day-Lewis had a very public encounter with the ghost of his own father while playing the part of Hamlet in London. He broke down on stage, weeping, and refused to go on with the performance. The actor, who is known for his intense efforts at getting into character, has not performed on stage since, and now describes the encounter as a “hallucinatory moment.”
  • Hugh Grant didn’t actually see a ghost but claimed that both he and friends heard a ghostly wailing sound in his L.A home. He believes it may have been the spirit of Bette Davis, who used to live there.
  • Kate Hudson revealed during the filming of Skeleton Key that she’s had her fair share of ghostly encounters. She’s seen a ghost with no face—a commonly ghostly archetype—more times than she can count, and once, the spirit of her grandmother visited her. At least granny’s still looking out for her from beyond the grave!
  • Nicholas Cage also has a whole bunch of ghost stories in his arsenal. His favorite, though, involves a time that he was staying at Francis Ford Coppola’s house in Napa Valley. Nic was staying in the attic when late one night, a woman with big hair appeared. At first, he thought it was his aunt. But when she approached him… well, let’s just say that he found out quite quickly that it was NOT his aunt. He doesn’t know who it was, but she scared the hell out of him.
  • Keanu’s Reeves has a tale, however it doesn’t really have a resolution, but it’s a creepy image all the same. When he was five, he and his sister encountered a ghost in the house they were living in. The ghost wore a white double-breasted suit—however, he had no legs.


  • Winston Churchill claims to have had an encounter with a ghost. Reportedly, while staying in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House in the Second World War, Churchill saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln himself. Legend has it that he asked for his room to be changed the next day