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Filey Sightings


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!

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  1. Ebeneezer Creake of Filey
  2. Filey Brigg
  3. Filey Holiday Camp (now closed)
  4. Providence Place
  5. Yorkshire Rose Public House

Ebeneezer Creake of Filey

Ebeneezer Creake was a rough old fisherman and smuggler. In his time he was said to have a scare across his face from a fight with another smuggler and he had lost an arm was missing after it was ripped off during his time in the navy.


When he died of old age he was buried in Fileys graveyard. Occasionally on moonlit nights holiday makers would report that they had seen his ghost wondering around. You many wonder how they know its him? Ebeneezer is said to have one of his shirt sleeves flapping where his arms should be.

Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg


Filey Brigg is a long ridge of rocks jutting into the North Sea, associated with folklore concerning the Devil and a dragon.


The Devil dropped his hammer into the sea whilst making the ridge, and thus he plunged his hand into the water to retrieve it. When he pulled his hand out, he had not grabbed his hammer but a fish. Shouting out "Ha, Dick" the Haddock got its name. This story is supposed to explain the distinctive markings on all haddocks, as the location where the Devil held the fish.


Another story concerns a dragon, which had been tricked into eating a large quantity of parkin: the sticky cake got stuck to its teeth so it went to the sea to wash them. At this point the locals ambushed the dragon and drowned it. Therefore it was also thought that Filey Brigg was the fossilised bones of this local dragon.


In addition there have been reports of a sea monster off the Brigg. The most notable was by coastguard Wilkinson Herbert on February 28th 1934. He witnessed a thirty foot creature just off shore: "Suddenly I heard a growling like a dozen dogs ahead. Walking nearer I switched on my torch, and was confronted by a huge neck, six yards ahead of me, rearing up three feet high! The head was a startling sight, - huge tortoise eyes glaring at me like saucers. The creature's mouth would be a foot wide and the creature's neck would be a yard around." Perhaps a relative of the local dragon.


Filey Holiday Camp (Closed)

Butlins took the country by storm when it first opened in the 1930s and saw thousands of people holiday there for years until it finally closed its doors. A particular chalet in this once popular holiday camp was said to be haunted by a sad looking young girl who sat at the foot of a bed.



Providence Place

Cold spots, knocking, self opening and closing doors and bed covers which are pulled off during the night have all been reported in this building.


Yorkshire Rose Public House

A twelve year old boy murdered in this building in the early 1900s is blamed whenever ashtrays jump off tables or when pictures fall off walls.