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Flamborough Sightings

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!



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Jenny Gallows and the Chalk Pit


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Jenny Gallows and the Chalk Pit



Suicide was considered a terrible sin in times past, and still is by some today, though pity is a more worthy reaction to such a desperate act. Many tales surround the places where suicides are supposed to have met their ends, and one such attaches to a chalk pit near Flamborough , a place whose geographic isolation maybe encourages thoughts of the supernatural.


Jenny Gallows and the Chalk Pit


A local girl with the creepy name of Jenny Gallows was said to have ended her life by throwing herself into the pit. Those with enough curiosity and energy can it is said bring her spirit out of the pit by circling it eight times – for some unaccountable reason another circuit enables you to hear faeries which also live in the pit.


In 1912, a local farmer who was smart enough to do the circling on horseback was astounded when his actions provoked Jenny Gallows to emerge from her pit. Not only did she emerge, but she chased the terrified man all the way back to Flamborough village, nearly catching up with him, getting close enough to take a bite from his horse’s haunch and leave a white patch there that never faded until the animal died.