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Holmfirth Sightings


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!



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The Boggart
Shepley War Memorial

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The Boggart

A farmer whose farm was plagued by an extremely mischievous Boggart, which was forever upsetting the milk-churns, breaking the dishes, scaring the children and tormenting the dogs and cats. In the end his wife threatened to leave him if her husband didn't do something about it.


So the farmer sent for the parish priest and a local wise-woman, but nothing had any effect; the boggart continued its pranks.

Finally, the farmer gave up in despair, sold the farm, and loaded all his belongings onto his cart to move to another village. At the top of the hill they stopped to look back for the last time at their old home, and a thin little voice from somewhere inside the mound of furniture said "Well, I hope there's more room in't next place than there was in't last one."



Shepley War Memorial

Appearing at night, this phantom coach pulled by four horses would move at breakneck speed along the roads in and around the village.