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When dealing with ghosts don't look for any rules or absolutes. There are circumstances that seem to create a more ghostly atmosphere, but there are no guarantees on predicting when and where a ghost will appear. A ghost may appear once in a hundred years or once every Tuesday. It could haunt a house or dwell in a small spot in an open field.

Even with the perfect conditions for a ghost it doesn't mean that one will ever show up. In fact, even the ghost's appearance doesn't seem to follow any special pattern. Sometimes a ghost is nothing more than a sharp chill felt on your body. In other cases the ghosts cannot be distinguished from a living person. Ghosts can also be in the forms of animals, headless bodies or even as simple as a single ghostly hand carrying a book down a dark hallway.

Ghosts have been known to interact with the living or just make acknowledgement with a quick glance or eye contact. In other accounts the ghost seems unaware of the presence of living people and appears to be acting out some part of their own life.

Please see Do It Yourself for further information.

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