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What is it?

A medium is a person who uses their psychic abilities to communicate with people who are in the spirit world. They are called mediums because they are in the middle of a three-way communication. From a spirit- to a medium- to the recipient.


The communicators can be relatives, friends, guides or someone in spirit who knows someone connected to the recipient and wishes a message passed on to them. There are many different kinds of mediumship and most mediums use a variety of gifts in their work. Each mediium is unique in that even though they may be trained in the same basic techniques, the way they work is based on the way their own spirit guides are able to work most effectively.

How did it start?

Psychic predictions and phenomena can be traced back throughout history, but the first professional mediums date back to 1848. The Fox family of Hydesville, New York, were visited by friendly spirits eager to prove life continued even after death.


The two daughters realising a talent for this communication, hired a hall to demonstrate their abilities. The sisters also travelled to further demonstrate their unique talents and before long similar groups sprang up across the country. This was probably the beginning of the Spiritualist movement which has become so popular today.


During the 1850`s a new ambassador arose in the form of Emma Hardinge Britten. Born in England, but moved to America to work. Emma became famous as a trance medium, (see medium skills). She toured America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand spreading the word. But mediums of this era were subjected to ridicule and persecution from both the Church and other sceptics.


The first medium to operate in Britain was a Mrs. Hayden, who took residence in London and held séances. But it was a group of Cambridge scholars who, in 1882 founded the Society for Psychical Research, pushed the subject further into recognition. Their aim was to `investigate debatable phenomena without prejudice`, even if that claim itself was debatable.


The early demonstrations of mediumship were all very physical, rapping's, table-tilting, materialisation's etc. but over the years these declined in popularity to be replaced by the type of mediumship we witness today.


Nowadays modern mediums work by using the mind as receiver and relaying information to those who need it. The evidence given of the after-life can be even more convincing in this manner.

The Purpose of Mediumship

Mediumship can help ease the pain of those who are grieving for someone who has passed into spirit by proving that their loved ones are still alive, free from pain and wish to communicate with those on earth.


The information can also help remove the fear of death. It teaches us that we are spirits temporarily using a physical body and that your spirit, the real you, lives forever, with the opportunity to keep evolving. Many people are drawn to studying more about life after death and try to develop their own psychic abilities.


These studies open their minds to the various spiritual laws that govern life and help many people to turn their lives around by helping them find their own connection with God. This information helps them to hear their own inner voice and provides them with the tools to fulfill their own spiritual destiny without fear. 


Mediumship Terminology

MEDIUM: A medium is a person who uses their psychic abilities to communicate with people who are now in spirit. They are called mediums because they are in the middle of a three-way communication. From spirit - to the medium - to the recipient. The communicators can be relatives, friends, guides or someone in spirit who knows someone the recipient can pass a message on to.


CLAIRVOYANCE:  Clear - seeing, when the medium sees with their psychic vision either subjectively (within the mind) or objectively (seen with eyes open as if the spirit were solid as you and I).


CLAIRAUDIENCE: Clear-seeing, when the medium hears spirit, either subjectively (within the mind) or objectively (as if someone is speaking clearly in your ear)


CLAIRSENTIENCE: Clear-sensing, when the medium can feel the size, personality, health problems, either chronic or what the spirit passed with. You feel the spirit within your energy field and sense both the physical shape and personality.


PSYCHOMETRY: Sensing the energy left in an object by the owner. You can pick up a lot about a persons character and personality this way. Also important events that have happened while wearing an object are often imprinted. True psychometry has no spirit contact but if you hold an object owned by someone in spirit they sometimes draw close and give information.


SPIRITUAL HEALING: Allowing spirit guides who are knowledgeable in working with the healing arts to work through your energy field to bring about healing of the body, mind and spirit.


OVERSHADOWING: When you clairvoyantly see the face or features of someone in spirit on the face of the medium.


PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP: Normally done in trance, by the use of ectoplasm. Physical phenomenon take place such as transfiguration, materialization, apports, levitation, table-tipping etc.


TRANSFIGURATION: An ectoplasmic mask is formed on the face of the medium and the face of a person in spirit is molded in the mask. It looks very real and often the person in spirit is able to speak through the medium in their own voice. The medium is in deep trance when this is happening. The mask can be seen by anyone using normal vision, not clairvoyance.


APPORTS: Objects dematerialized-transported to another place and rematerialized by spirit. Often these are given as gifts to sitters.


ECTOPLASM: A substance used by spirit in physical mediumship. The material is a mixture of a substance taken from the medium's physical body and some ingredients from spirit.