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Middlesbrough Sightings


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!




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The Central Library
University of Middlesbrough
Middlesbrough Station
Middlesbrough Town Hall
The Railway Arms (Brotton)
Gisborough Hall Hotel Guisborough
Albert Park Middlesbrough


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The Central Library

There have been many reports in the Central Library that include the feeling of being touched, doors opening and closing when nobody else is in the building, ghostly footsteps and poltergeist activity has taken place when the building is open.


University of Middlesbrough

At the University of Teesside, staff and students have reported sightings. In particular Captain Cook Square, where some say there is still the ghost of a child who drowned in the municipal baths that were once located there.

Middlesbrough Station

Phantoms of old steam trains are said to still haunt Middlesbrough station with the smell and sound of them filling the night air.


A young station boy reported seeing Fred, a signalman whom vanished in front of his eyes. He was told that Fred had fallen in front of a train a few hours earlier, dying instantly.




Railway Arms (Brotton) Middlesbrough

Built 1886 as an inn for weary travelers of the newly created railway network. Staff, locals & performers witnessed orbs of light pass throughout the building & heavy footsteps upstairs but there have been many accounts of dark shadowy figures & headless bodies, furniture moved and a faceless man seen to sit on tables and walk through walls and disappear at night.

Middlesbrough Town Hall

The gothic town hall is said to echo with the sounds of bygone balls and concerts in the early hours of the morning, yet the place is empty.


In addition a man has been seen with a noose around his neck in different parts of the building, he is believed to be a sailor called Oscar Nevin who was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, however, tragedy struck when he hung himself in one of the holding cells.


Also people experience strange smells and unexplained noises.


Gisborough Hall Hotel, Guisborough

Built in 1856, this hotel has a long and varied history, so it’s no surprise really that things are often heard going bump in the night. The hotel is reported to have three ghosts – one of which is thought to be the ghost of a butler, one of which is seen in the lobby area and one of which thought to be an old lady, often seen in a shadowy form in some of the bedrooms and the corridors of the hotel.

One of the guests who recently stayed at the hotel tells of her stay there: ‘However on our last night we had strange noises in our room and both me and my husband were up a couple of times trying to investigate where the noises were coming from but still could not find them. I asked the next morning when checking out if there were any disturbances in the hotel and then found out our room was one which is occupied by a friendly ghost!’


Albert Park, Middlesbrough

A dark figure is often seen fleeting in and out of the shadows in Albert Park.

The sighting was during the day, and when the two guys happened to go into the Bowling Green hut soon after this, the girl behind the desk said that she had *just* seen the very same thing in the corridor a few minutes earlier but had thought it was her imagination.A Man claimed that the ghost swept passed him and his mate while they were walking in between the Bowling Green and Tennis Courts in Albert Park. As it passed by they BOTH saw it, and it then dissolved in front of them some-way ahead, before their very eyes.

Many people believe that he was the grounds man back in the day, Whose name was Colin.