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Below is a list of selected videos that Haunted Yorkshire think you may find of interest.

Please note that these videos are selected from the internet and unless it states otherwise we don't not make a claim on any of them. 

They are selected purely for your entertainment.

Ghost girl in the picture..

Aswang caught on film..

Poltergeist footage...

Haunted Doll...

Fairy Submission Caught on film..

Ghost caught on Hotel CCTV

Ghost caught on hospital CCTV

Ghost caught on CCTV driveway

Ghost caught on Restaurant CCTV

Ghost caught after car runs through it.

Evil moving dolls (Barbies)

Evil doll moves on girls knee

Evil doll, real or fake?

Demonic Possessions..

Ghost caught on CCTV car accident

Ghost caught on building site CCTV

Ghost caught on Hallway CCTV

Ghost caught on a Pubs CCTV

Ghost caught on film (Girl)

Evil doll Walking

Evil doll, moving..

Haunted Puppet..

Haunted Yorkshire's
(Formally Rotherham-ghosts)
Investigation Videos

Toothill Investigation Part 1

Toothill Investigation Part 2

Toothill Investigation Part 3

Storths Hall part 1

Druids Caves Rowtor Rocks..

Haunted Yorkshire Investigation

Storths Hall Part 2

Wombwell (undisclosed)