Haunted Yorkshire

They're Closer Than You Think!

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Normal video *CHANGED* into a dark, sinister jumble when left in abandoned house: See the results:

Here's a video some friends and I shot about a year ago in an abandoned house, in part of our town the old folks call, Darkness Valley.

We heard a local ghost story of a girl who was abandoned and died in this house, and we thought we'd make a parody of a "paranormal investigators" video, as a joke. Sorry, but we weren't taking our "investigation" seriously when we made this video originally; we do watch The Haunting and TAPS/Ghost Hunters, but we certainly are NO professionals (as you can tell from the first 2 minutes of our video, below), and we were skeptical of the story we were "investigating".

We found the so-called "Darkness Valley" location with the house where the girl was supposedly abandoned and died, shot a few scenes here and there of our fake investigation, then we burned & traded a few DVDs on the spot, and forgot about it.

This year, we went back to check on the place, and found some of our stuff still in the old house, including one of the DVDs we'd made, dirty from the rain & weather that had gotten inside. Took it home, and after several washings, finally got it to play (more or less), but... it was... different.

It was NOT the same video as when we'd left it there in that old house in Darkness Valley. It had changed.

We recognized some parts, but... it just wasn't the same.

It started out playing fine for the first 2 minutes while we introduced the "crew", but as we approached the house in the video, it started messing up. It got darker. Our narration dropped out, the music was messed up, and in most parts - just strange sounds & static. I've been told that the ink dye used to "burn" home-made type DVDs can actually "biodegrade/rot" with exposure to weather, heat, and sun, but this is.... much, much more than that.

The closer we got to the girl's bedroom in the video, the more disturbing it got. Clips we never filmed, started "appearing" in the video - taken from different angles, some even with a different kind of camera than ours. And the girl in our mockumentary video, who was supposed to be portraying the original girl who died there: She looks the same, at times, but... I'd swear it's someone/something else coming through.

What really creeped us out was when we watched it a couple of times, and started noticing the CHANGES.

We kept re-watching it - some times it would be the same as the previous time we watched it; other times, there'd be slight differences. As it grew darker outside, the video seemed to get more and more dark & abstract. Some of the girl's toys in that house which we remembered seeing, but NEVER FILMED, started "appearing" on some viewings. Like that dirty yellow blanket we saw in her bedroom...

As it got later, we kept re-watching it, and it got worse. Bad things started happening. I can't say for sure what exactly we saw in the video, none of it makes sense, but it's like some kind of... "cancer"... none of us just FEELS right after seeing what we saw. Two guys have experienced medical/mental problems since that night we saw what we saw.

We decided to post the best transfer we could get from that DVD online. But first,

****** THE RULES: ******

IT'S RECCOMENDED YOU DON'T WATCH THIS MORE THAN ONCE. If you do watch it more than once, and you see the changes, obviously, that will cause problems with your state of mind, possibly physical sickness.

IF YOU WATCH IT MORE THAN ONCE, AND SEE OR HEAR CHANGES, NO MATTER HOW SMALL: This can be as bad as you allow it to be. It can prey on your mind to the exclusion of all else. So, it would probably be best, to Just Not Worry about it, and tell yourself you didn't see it.

The transfer we made of the video from the DVD: Note that it seems fine up to the point at which we're approaching the house (about the first 2 minutes - and Yeah, we thought this was a joke, so we were Not taking this "investigation" seriously to start with, sorry), then it gets worse & more dark & abstract the closer we get to the girl's bedroom, where the story said she was found, under her favorite yellow blanket...

Please note that this video has not been produced by Rotherham Paranormal