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Shadow People

Shadow People have been reported by thousands of people from all walks of life.



Many witnesses report eerily similar details, even when they are not aware that anyone else has seen a shadow person. Overactive imaginations and natural shadows may account for some of the reports, but how do you account for the similar details?
No one is really sure what shadow people are, although there are a variety of theories to explain their existence.

Some believe that shadow people are merely one form of the ghosts of those who have passed on. Others believe they are evil beings or demons that mean to cause us harm. Still others believe they are inter-dimensional beings that slip into our realm on occasion but live primarily in another dimension or another time. They feel shadow people are time travellers of sorts and don't really belong in our realm. And then, of course, there are those who believe shadow people are alien beings here to observe the human race.

Exactly what they are is difficult to determine; but they have been reported by countless people across the globe and are making quite a stir in the paranormal community.



Shadow People, can also be known as Shadow Folk, or Shadow Beings, and are usually attracted to one person or location for reasons that are unknown. Often they are seen as dark silhouettes of human-shape, generally male, that prefer to watch someone unseen and flee the moment they are noticed. Still this doesn't always fit the experience. While some people distinctly see a shadowy human form others have described shapeless wispy swirling columns of dark smoke.

The personalities or characteristics of shadow people range greatly from shy and skittish to downright nasty and malevolent, with a few witnesses describing them as the ultimate essence of pure evil. Accounts of shadow people have been reported all over the world. There has been an increase of reported sightings of these creatures within the last five to ten years, though there is anecdotal evidence of these creatures appearing before human witnesses through out our history. 

Reports of shadow people are in many respects different from accounts of ghosts. Ghosts are said to be the disembodied spirits of deceased people and are usually said to take on the appearance and characteristics of human beings. Orbs of light, ectoplasm and glowing mists have also been associated with ghost sightings. None of which is common he occurrence of shadow people. Although many accounts describe shadow beings as having human-like form, they are generally not described as resembling actual individuals, living or deceased. It is unheard of in my experience that shadow people ever communicate verbally with witnesses. Feelings of dread, intense fear or panic and paralysis have been ascribed to the experience of witnessing a shadow person. 

The more consistent accounts of shadow people typically describe a feeling of dread associated with the presence of this phenomenon, and animals are said to react to the phenomena with fear and hostility. Shadow Beings are said to move extremely fast and travel through solid matter. They typically are said to have no discernible features such as mouths, noses, or eyes. Their forms are usually described as somewhat thin or smoke-like 

Direct visual contact is rarely reported by most eye witnesses of shadow people; they are said to usually disappear before they can be seen clearly, and are seen "in the corner of one's eye.





Shadow Creatures

What Are Shadow Creatures? Many people over the years have spoken of them... either from personally seeing one or hearing accounts of others.

These strange shadows don't seem have a face or a form, other than just an outline. Some could have possible natural explanations, others remain a mystery.

Could they be manifestations of energy that are visible to the naked eye?

Are they "watchers" of some sort, for other entities?

Have they gotten a negative reputation unjustly, or are they evil in nature?

One thing that is certain, many people have seen them, and many of them have very similar descriptions. There are some that see apparitions that seem to be animals, and some describe a menacing figure that appears to have a cloak on. Those witnesses that speak of them report of seeing a tall figure wearing a hat.  

While the notion of these beings is not new, the term "Shadow People" and by looking at many different cultures, there are accounts of seeing these apparitions that date back years.

The religion ‘Islam’ speaks of the Jinn, who were said to have been created along with humans as creatures of free will. They, along with humans and angels, are part of the creations of Allah capable of logic and reason. According to this belief, the Jinn live in a world alongside of ours and like us, are capable of either being positive or negative.

It is thought that some of the legends of shadow people came from the possibility of humans seeing the shadows of the Jinn while they exist in their parallel world.

Are the shadows evil?

There are religious groups that view shadow entities as demonic in nature. The shadows themselves are not thought to be demons, but rather watchers for potential souls to be claimed.

This way of thinking assumes that when one is seen, a demon is present. Cleansings and blessings must be done to avert any negativity that is trying to permeate the person or the home where the shadow is seen.

This is generally done with a blessing of the area in the name of whatever higher power a person believes in. However, it’s the power of belief that determines how well something like this would work.


The Shadow Creatures Appearance

The characteristics of shadow entities vary. There are some that simply show as a black mist that shrouds over an area. Some seem to be animals. A notable one that has been allegedly spotted by many is one appears to wear a cloak with a hood. There are rarely facial features, but simply an outline of one form or another.

They differ in reported sightings of ghosts because ghosts are generally described as having a human appearance. Shadows don't appear to have any human characteristics. There is one notable exception to that... a creature known as the Hat Man.


Shadow Creatures and Sleep Paralysis

There are those that have reported being physically attacked by these entities whilst asleep. Some cases can be explained as sleep paralysis, which is a state of sleep where the person is awake, and yet still experiencing REM sleep.

The sensation of not being able to move has sometimes been accompanied with visions of menacing shadows, including a hooded figure known as the "Old Hag".

People have also reported these shadows physically touching and trying to harm them. The explanation may have a natural origin, however to the person experiencing it, there is a real sense of being attacked.

In most instances, the shadow usually is quickly out of sight before a person is able to focus on it and the ones that remain seem to be more interested in watching what is going on rather than causing harm.


Scientific Point of View on Shadow Creatures

Everything about shadow entities is theory at this point and there are many scientific facts that cannot be ignored. To truly understand something, all sides need to be examined.

Science shows how something can have a natural explanation, which is essential to look at. Only after ruling out what can naturally cause something can we look at other possibilities.

One cause for seeing shadows that needs to be ruled out right away is side effects from prescribed medications or street drugs, as well as any neurological disorders.

Also, erratic EMF's from nearby power sources that collide with the brain's natural electrical impulses is another possible explanation. Simple pareidolia (matrixing nondescript objects to appear as something specific), cannot be overlooked either. Hypnogogla is something else to consider,  the period during sleep where a person is lucid, yet able to still see clearly into their subconscious. Many times a feeling of terror is accompanied with this, along with shadows that can appear menacing.