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?The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.?

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!



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Skipton Grammar School
High Street
Road Leading to Tosside Wigglesworth

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Skipton Grammar School

An old school's master, Reverend Robert Thomlinson, was found dead at the school - a rumour quickly sprung up that he had been scared to death by the ghost of his predecessor, whom Thomlinson had tried to remove from office by using a dirty tricks crusade.



High Street

Often the ghost of Lady Ann Clifford in her horse drawn coach is seen to travel down high Street. She was said to herald the death of the owner of the local castle.


Road leading to Tosside Wigglesworth

A couple of car accidents that occurred along this road were blamed on a flitting female form which ran out in front of the vehicle before disappearing. Locals say it is of a girl who drowned nearby..