Haunted Yorkshire

They're Closer Than You Think!

Types of Haunting

Classic and Historical Hauntings..

The first type of haunting is the classic haunting. The classic type is a simple, run-of-the-mill haunting producing predictable, relatively harmless paranormal activity in a home, building, or piece of land. With a classic haunting, the soul of a dead person has decided to stay behind for various reasons. Mostly these types of ghosts just do not realize they are dead or are perhaps scared to go into the light. They are stuck between life and death, thereby leaving their soul to wander in the place of their death or perhaps in the place in which they felt most connected to in life. A classic haunting can sometimes be loud and noticeable, but it is usually on the quiet side of hauntings. Things you may experience with a classic haunting include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • soft footsteps heard on steps or floors
  • doors opening and closing
  • lights flickering
  • a gentle touch or tap on the shoulder
  • electronic interference
  • pleasant but indistinguishable scents (floral perfumes, foods, cigars, etc.)

Another haunting that is fairly common and similar to a classic haunting (or one that could be considered a sub-type of a classic haunting) is the historical haunting. A historical haunting is just as its name suggests - a haunting that is historical. This means a haunting that has gained historical fame and/or a haunting that is based in a historical place or is haunted by a historical figure.

If you live in a house that is older than a hundred years, and especially if it is near a historical landmark, you may have a historical haunting in your home...though these are more rare than the typical classic haunting. Here are some signs that you are experiencing a historical haunting:

  • your house or property has significant historical proof/value
  • sightings of ghosts in historical dress (Victorian, colonial, Native American etc.)
  • your home or property is close to or on burial ground or a graveyard

Poltergeist Hauntings

Probably one of the more frightening hauntings is the poltergeist haunting. While there are many theories on the cause for a poltergeist haunting, I tend to lean more towards the theory that a poltergeist is indeed an angry spirit in a home or piece of property. The difference between a poltergeist haunting and a classic haunting is that when a poltergeist is present, you will know it immediately. They are loud, disruptive, and many times violent entities that haunt a home but usually connect themselves to one particular person in a family.

Usually a poltergeist haunting is centred around a child or adolescent in a home. We believe poltergeists attach themselves to the younger souls because they are more pure and trusting, and because children have more of an ability to see the spiritual plane. They are more believing of spiritual things, as well.

If you believe your haunting is of a poltergeist nature, you may be experiencing things like:

  • furniture or housewares moved, rearranged, shaken, or even thrown
  • doors and drawers slammed open and shut
  • frighteningly loud noises such as screaming, scratching, and banging on walls and furniture
  • feelings of being pushed, pulled, or slapped, etc.
  • feelings of being watched or general feelings of unease/discomfort

While poltergeist activity is very similar to demonic hauntings, they are not quite the same. Poltergeists are not usually demons in nature, they are usually human souls that are angry for one reason or another...usually the reason is because someone living has intruded upon their haunting place.

Demonic Hauntings

Hands down the most terrifying and taxing haunting in existence is the demonic haunting. This is a haunting in which an evil or dark spirit haunts a family or person. Sometimes these entities can be waiting in the shadows of a home or building, waiting for the right person to attach themselves to. While other times these entities are already attached to a person when they move into a home that they believe is haunted (when in fact the person was haunted before the move).

A demonic haunting can further be classified into two sub-types: demonic attachment and demonic possession. I have never known anyone who was possessed, though I have met quite a few people whom I believe had a demonic attachment haunting. The difference between a demonic haunting and a poltergeist haunting is that the demonic entity literally haunts a person's body and soul, whereas the poltergeist usually haunts a building first and then targets a person within that building. Demons are characterized by Christian faiths as being the helpers of Satan, while in other belief systems they are simply some of the most ancient entities on Earth. Whatever they may be, they can present themselves as very violent and possessive entities that seek to devour the person to whom they attach or possess.

The difference between a demonic attachment and a demonic possession is that the attachment is usually the first phase of demonic possession. The demon hasn't fully taken over or inhabited the body of the person being haunted, though they plan to. After the demon has gained full control of the person's body, this is then known as a demonic possession. They have moved from being attached to a person to literally owning the person's body and mind.

There are theories as to how an individual experiences a demonic attachment or possession haunting, though no one knows for sure. Many times the person who is haunted has opened him or herself up to the entity in various ways. One way is to play with divination such as spirit boards or seances without knowing how to protect or guard oneself against invasive entities. Another cause of attachment/possession is if the person literally calls upon the entity...just associating with these entities opens a person up to attachment/possession.

Here are some signs of a demonic haunting (be it attachment or possession):

  • the person becomes withdrawn from his/her life (socially, mentally, spiritually, etc.)
  • the person becomes angry, hateful, vengeful, and violent towards people whom they used to be close to for unknown reasons
  • the person becomes seemingly mentally ill when they've yet to have mental illness before (they may act schizophrenic or paranoid). They may show signs of hallucinations or delusions.
  • the person becomes seemingly bipolar of sorts, going through extreme highs and lows within days to even hours or minutes.
  • the person doesn't want to hear about getting help or anything about God or the Divine.
  • the person may develop an extreme addiction that they never had before, and usually the person will have had no bouts of addiction before this time.
  • the person may show signs of unnatural physical abuse on their body: scratches, bruises, bite marks, etc.
  • the person has no regard for their own body, soul, or mind (they may express suicidal or homicidal tendencies/thoughts)

Please remember that this type of haunting should be taken seriously and professional help should be sought.

Residual Energy Hauntings

Residual energy hauntings show a definite pattern. The majority of residual energy hauntings occur in places that have seen great tragedy of some kind. Residual hauntings are often confused with classic and historical hauntings and sometimes these types of hauntings may overlap.

So what exactly is a residual energy haunting? It is a haunting in which a collection of energy from a tragedy or event is still lingering in a building or on a piece of property. Residual energy hauntings make you feel uneasy or emotional immediately upon coming in contact with them. To explain it in more basic terms, residual energy hauntings are like blobs of energy stuck in a place. Sometimes this energy is so strong that it exerts itself into the form of a memory of an event or tragedy.

For instance, there is a residual energy haunting in Ybor City that is thought to have been caused by a shooting that took place at least a hundred years ago. A woman was shot due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and her "ghost" is thought to haunt the building. While this may be a classic haunting, this type of haunting could also very well be a residual energy haunting as it could be the left-over energy from this tragedy that is still lingering in the building.

Here are some signs that you are in the midst of a residual energy haunting:

  • a sense of unease or discomfort without explanation
  • cold spots that cannot be explained
  • sightings of a ghost that appears in the same place and does the same thing every time it is seen
  • supernatural sounds or scenes are experienced at the same time on the same day whenever they are experienced

Residual energy hauntings produce a sort of movie-like haunting. The people who experience a residual energy haunting state that when they see, hear, or feel the "ghost" it is almost like watching a movie over and over again. This is because an imprint of a certain event or tragedy is literally pressed upon this place in time and continues to re-live itself over and over again.

Shadow Men Hauntings

Shadow men (also known as shadow people) are seen frequently by very spiritual and sensitive people. The majority of shadow men hauntings are said to be scary and not at all pleasant, while some claim that they find shadow people fascinating and harmless. My experience with shadow men has been the former...frightening and intruding.

A shadow man haunting is a haunting that never seems to last very long, hours to days at the most. Then, like a thief in the night, the hauntings will end as quickly as they came on. Shadow men are what their name suggests, men or people that are made only of a dark aura or energy...and they look just like shadows. Some present themselves with what seems to be a cape with a hood over their heads, some present with a bolero hat on their heads, and others show up with red, glowing eyes. Other witnesses only ever see these shadow people darting and disappearing out of their peripheral vision.

There are dozens of theories on who these shadow people are and why they are here. One theory is that they are other-dimensional beings, here only to observe us. While this description doesn't always fit, there are other theories that shadow people are actually demons or even aliens.

Here are the signs of a shadow man haunting:

  • shadows moving around in the corners of your eyes
  • feeling as though someone is watching you
  • dreams of shadow beings with or without red eyes
  • sleep paralysis with dreams
  • seeing shadow people dead-on (obviously)
  • hearing a high-pitched squealing or screaming

Hauntings by Other Entities

The question has been posed on occasion if all of these hauntings are just a figment of our imaginations. They very well could be...and is it possible that hauntings are simply thought-forms made into energy that we have produced ourselves?

But if we do believe in various spirits and energies on this earth, there could also very well be more entities than described above that cause hauntings in the world today. What other entities, you might be wondering.

I believe that fairies and elemental spirits can cause occurrences that might be confused with ghost hauntings...specifically even poltergeist hauntings. Fairies have been known to throw quite a fuss if humans cut down a certain tree or intrude upon a place that the fay find sacred. In Ireland in the 1800s, a man was literally driven out of his house by a band of invisible fairies because he had built on land where a sacred hawthorn tree once grew. They had warned him not to chop it down and he did, much to his misfortune. The fairies that lived in that tree were so angry that they invaded the man's house, throwing dishes and other objects at him. They scared him so bad that he left his house and all of his belongings behind. If interested in fairy trickery, here is a useful article: Fairy Tricks the Fay Might Play on You!

Other than fairies, there are other spirits that could also cause hauntings including the djinn (from the Muslim faith and Arabic lore), the Loa (spirits in the Vodoun tradition), even gods or deities from ancient times. The possibilities are endless, if we really begin to think about them. Even guardians of certain rivers, mountains, and caves could also cause hauntings if their territories are interrupted by humans.