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Wakefield Sightings



“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!




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Denby Dale Road bridge, and river below Wakefield
Derelict Brickworks Off Wakefield Road
East Ardsley
Grove Inn Wakefield
HMP Wakefield Prison, cell D336
Kirkgate Railway Station
Old Vicarage Bookshop, Zetland Street Wakefield
Sandal Castle
Wakefield Bridge
Wooded footpath in Outwood area Wakefield
Black Dicks Tower Dewsbury
Dewsbury Parish Church



Denby Dale Road Bridge

A young woman was walking her dog across the bridge, when she was frozen with fear at the sound of horses passed her – yet there was no horses to be seen. Then, without warning, she then heard a loud splash. Looking into the river below, the water was calm, but the sound of panicking horses could now be heard coming from below. She later found out that the original bridge had collapsed in 1836 and a team of horses pulling a cart had drowned.



Derelict Brickworks off Wakefield Road

A student with a disposable camera snapped several photographs here which showed a white mist, not visible at the time the pictures were taken. Could these be the ghosts of workers from the past?


East Ardsley

Mining operations ceased over one hundred years ago, yet old coal cart tracks are still visible today. On dark nights, is said that you are able to hear the sounds of the old miners walking along the paths.


Grove Inn

This boisterous ghost doesn’t seem to like mirrors or reflective surfaces has it seems to have a habit of smashing them, along with moving heavy furniture around.


HM Wakefield Prison cell D336

The Argus newspaper reported that Harold Shipman's former cell is reputedly haunted by the serial killer, though staff at the prison attribute the 'scary noises' to men in nearby cells.


Kirkgate Railway Station

A phantom woman in Victorian clothing has been reported moving around the subway that connects platforms 1 and 2. It is thought that the woman is looking for her lover who never returned, she died of a broken heart and still haunts the platforms today.


The Old Vicarage Bookshop, Zetland Street

This bookshop is reputedly home to a phantom that died from the plague - his ghostly form is riddled with symptoms. Like many people at that time, it is thought that he was sealed in a room there before dying a slow and painful death.


Sandal Castle

This small, yapping dog has attacked and scared other dogs many times larger than itself – yet when approached the phantom pooch fades from view.


Wakefield Bridge

This pathetic figure reportedly crawls near the bridge. Many believe its of a man who fell smashing the bones in his legs.


Wooded footpath in Outwood area

While filming in Outwood, George Gunn captured footage of a strange figure that resembled an old Roman soldier that remained motionless while standing on a pathway. Two joggers can be seen passing through the blue misty shape. When the story was covered by BBC North Yorkshire, they heavily pushed belief the figure is little more than lens flare.



Black Dicks Tower, Dewsbury

Known locally as Black Dick's Tower, this building is said to be the home of a phantom highwayman once a year. The unknown entity is said to appear here on the 5th July and is not seen on any other day until the following year.


Dewsbury Parish Church

Black Tom is the name of the bell in the church, and is toiled on the 24th December the number of the year (ie, in 2010 it was tolled 2010 times) to ensure Old Nick doesn't visit the village during the following twelve months. The last peal has to occur on the stroke of midnight to ensure success.