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York Sightings


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs?

These are some of the reported sightings and stories of ordinary people, who believe they have had an extraordinary experience!

Some names have been changed for the purpose of this website!



Index of listings

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18-20 Stonegate (currently Jack Wills)
41 Stonegate
5 College Street
A64 Malton Road
All Saint's Church, Pathment
Area of Bishopthorpe
Bedern Arch
Black Swan Inn
Castlegate House (or Lodge)
Church of the Holy Trinity, Micklegate
Church Street & Davygate area
Clifford Tower
Clifton Lodge
Cock and Bottle Inn, Skeldergate
Coppergate shops, those built on site of old Craven's Sweet factory (includes the Bodyshop)
Dance school attached to St Mary's Church, Bishop Hill Junior
Dean Court Hotel, Duncombe Place
Edge of the river Ouse
First Hussar public house, North Street
Five Lions public house
Fordington Lodge, outside of the city
Former toy shop just inside Roman Gate
Foss Bridge
Four All's public house, A64
Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate
Imphal Barracks, Fulford
Judge's Court, off Coney Street
Mad Alice Lane (now Lund's Court)
Micklegate Bar Museum
Middlethrope Hall
Milthorpe School
National Railway Museum
Netherby Hall
Old White Swan Inn, Goodramgate
Petergate Bar area
Principal's House and the King's Manor, Exhibition Square
Punchbowl public house, Micklegate Bar
Road outside York Minster
Roman Bath public house, St. Sampson’s Square
Side roads and snickleways in city
Snickleway Inn, Goodramgate (was the Angler's Arms public house)
Spen Lane
St Crux and King's Square area
St Crux church (the remains of which now form the chapel in the Shambles)
York - St George's Field
St Mary's Abbey, currently in the Museum Garden
St Mary's Church
St Mary's Hospital
St Peter's School
St. Saviours church
Tempest Anderson Hall, found in the Museum Gardens
The Golden Fleece public house, Pavement Street
The Olde Starr Inn, Stonegate
Theatre Royal, St. Leonard's Place
Treasurer's House, Minster Yard
Yorkshire Museum Library
York Minster
York Arms public house, High Petergate



18-20 Stonegate

A teenage girl using the changing rooms looked into the mirror and spotted another young girl. Thinking that the girl had accidently walked into the changing room, the teenager turned and asked the girl to leave. With this, the girl turned on her heals and walked through the wall. Staff later found out that a doorway once existed in the wall where the girl disappeared.



41 Stonegate

A six year old Victorian girl who fell down the stairs to her death now haunts this building. She is often heard walking the stairs, and has also been seen sitting on top of a shop counter swinging her legs


5 College Street

A poor child starved to death after her parents died from plague. Her ghost is seen wondering around on the upper parts of the house.


A64 Malton Road

A figure of a woman is seen here, it is believed that she was possibly murdered by her highwayman boyfriend, now appears on misty or foggy evenings.


All Saints Church Pathment

A pale young woman with long curly hair has been seen a number of times, she’s mainly seen observing funerals from the church door. But she always vanishes suddenly if anyone approaches her.


Bedern Arch

In the1800s several orphans died in the nearby Industrial Ragged School, due to the negligence of the alcoholic schoolmaster. Many people have reported that when they walk arch, they feel a small child take them by the hand. Giggling before an ear piercing scream is heard.


Area of Bishopthorpe

Many years ago, a wealthy woman was brutally murdered for her money, her body hidden a short distance from her house in Bishopthorpe. However, it was several days before the corpse was discovered; the state of decay was so bad that her head had become separate from her torso. Her headless ghost haunts the area where her body lay to this day.




Black Swan Inn

The lower part of a male body is seen descending a staircase in the building, in addition there are two other spirits in the bar area; one is of a workman wearing a bowler hat (dressed in Victorian clothing) and the other is a lady in a white dress who watches the fireplace.


Castlegate House

This shadowy feminine figure has been seen on the staircase of the building, witnesses say she seems to float down the stairs before disappearing before their very eyes.



Church of Holy Trinity Micklegate

Three ghosts are reported to haunt here, a mother, her child, and a nanny - the story is that mother and child were buried many miles apart, and now the nanny reunites the child with mother. Another story says that the women have no connection; the mother and child were united in death after the infant died of plague, and she slowly pined away, while the second woman is an abbess murdered trying to prevent Henry VIII's men from storming her church.


Church Street & Davygate area

Two women walking in the area claimed to have seen a large battle taking place around them, between barbarians and Roman troops. A witness driving a van drove by the scene and watched it vanish.




Clifton Lodge

This building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a servant who killed her bastard child, ridiculed and shamed, she killed the child to free her from poverty.


Clifford Tower

It is believed that many Jews committed suicide in the tower rather than surrender to the rioting anti-Semitic mobs tearing up the town. Also the ground of the tower is said to be stained red with blood, even after it was dug up and replaced.


Cock and Bottle Inn Skeldergate

This ghostly figure is thought to be the Royalist and alchemist George Villiers, with black wavy hair and a large bulbous nose, has been spotted in the public house. The building was built on the top of a site once owned by Villiers, which would explain his reluctance to leave. Could he be one of the men who built the pub many years ago?



Coppergate Shops

This ghost has been blamed for setting off the fire alarms in these buildings. This entity was known to cause trouble when the factory was in operation many years ago. Does the mischievous spirit live on?


Dance School attached to St Marys church, Bishop Hill Junior

The strange sounds of coins being poured into a metal box have been reported coming from this building, however, when witnesses go to investigate, the noise stops dead.


Dean Court Hotel Duncombe Place

This ghost is reported to walk around the hotel, many guests have spotted it in the bathroom mirror of one of the bedrooms.


Edge of River Ouse

This sighting is thought to be the place of a drowned person; this figure drifts around the banks of the river causing alarm for passersby, however emergency services have never find a body when they arrive to rescue the man.


First Hussar Public House North Street

A small team of men working through the night to complete a painting and decorating job all reported seeing a ghostly man dressed in a cape, who vanished through a wall. All  of the men couldn’t believe what they saw, but back each others account of the accident.


Five lions Public House

This figure of a woman has not been seen for many years, and her history is all but forgotten. But even today the disembodied sounds of footsteps can still be heard of the mysterious woman.



Fordington Lodge, outside the city

Haunted by an unknown poltergeist, the sounds of footsteps are often heard crossing the living room floor. Doors sometimes open by themselves, and once a sofa moved itself away from the wall, before moving back a few seconds later. Leaving the unsuspecting witness in disbelief.



Former toy shop just inside Roman Gate

Late at night one female witness approached the toy shop window to look at a teddy bear. At the window she entered a dream-like state - she 'became' a large male baker covered in flour working within the shop, and looking out from the shop she could see Roman soldiers walking past. Research as shown that the shop may have been once a bakery.



Foss Bridge

This figure of a woman is reputed to leave St Crux and head towards the Foss Bridge where she vanishes - this may be the same entity which leaves the same church but disappears at Spen Lane.



Four all's public house A64

A driver returning home from work reported passing a figure on horseback, dressed in highwayman's clothing, stood by the wall of the pub. When the witness looked into his rear view mirror, the figure had vanished.


Holy Trinity Church Goodramgate

The decapitated body of Thomas Percy, the Seventh Earl of Northumberland, has been seen in the churchyard, searching for his severed head. He lost it after upsetting Elizabeth I by attempting to raise an army fight her, and she vented her anger thus. A ghostly nun has also been reported on the site.


Imphal Barracks Fulford

A soldier who was in training was taken to the sickbay after seeing one of the ghosts which haunted this barracks. The spirits wore black buttoned tunics and cylindrical headwear as it walked by the scared man.

Judge's Court, off Coney Street

Often there is an unknown entity heard jangling chains prior to appearing before its unsuspecting witnesses. Identity of him is unknown, but he continues to haunt the place right up to this day.




Mad Alice Lane (now Lunds Court)

Mad Alice as she was known was hung here in 1825, her only crime being 'mad', today, poor Alice drifts along the lane that once held her name.


Micklegate bar Museum

The museum is home to the ghost of Sarah, whom when was a young girl, lost her father's keys to the city. She upset at this she dedicated the rest of her life to finding them. When Sarah found the keys she was an old lady, and dropped dead soon after. It is now reported that she wanders the corridors victoriously rattling the keys.


Middlethorpe Hall

This phantom woman was murdered by her son, she is now said to generate the feeling of nervousness in certain parts of the building, causing people to want to leave as soon as possible.

Milthorpe School

A number of students at the school have heard soft whisperings along with shadowy people move quickly as if to run away from them.


National Railway Museum

A old sleeping carriage housed here is said to contain a strange presence of an unknown spirit, people visiting the carriage have the feeling of being watched.



Netherby Hall

A female dressed in a silken gown was once said to move noisily around the hall banging and clattering as she went. However, the noises seem to have got less frequent as time has moved on. It is unknown who the woman is.


Old White Swann Inn Goodramgate

A group of phantom figures have been reported standing around an open fire, laughing amongst themselves. Could they be some of the old locals from past times?


Petergate Bar area

A nun was bricked up alive for her sins; her ghostly figure has been seen in a number of buildings in the area including the York Arms often appearing in the gents toilets.


Principal's House and the Kings Manor

Anne Boleyn or Catherine Howard is said to be the female ghost which haunts the Principal's House, seen dressed in a green dress and carrying roses. Also, the ghost of a monk frequents the King's Manor and the sounds of wounded men can sometimes be heard here from when the building was used as a makeshift hospital during the Civil War which saw many casualties die here.


Punchbowl Public House Micklegate Bar

Years ago this building suffered a major fire, killing the landlord who burnt to death, he is often seen in one of the bedrooms of the pub, but other reports have been made of him hanging around the cellar.

Road outside York Minster

Three children witnessed saw a cyclist almost collide with two adults; they described him as wearing old fashioned clothing on an old fashioned bicycle. However, the cyclist was not seen at all by the adults.


Roman Bath public house, St. Sampson's Square

Below this pub is an old Roman bath, reports of splashing are often heard from below from the phantoms that are bathing there.


Side roads and Snickleways in the city

A Bogart as been seen along the side roads, the large black hound with red glowing eyes is said to prey on humans alone along the snickleways in the city. In addition it as also been spotted in the old castle area.


Snickleway Inn, Goodramgate

This woman met her death when a horse and cart delivering beer ran her over just outside the pub. Also a further ghosts resides in the cellar, but the ghostly presence is much more sinister, and has been called evil by previous landlords.





Spen Lane

This figure is reputed to leave St Crux Church and head towards Spen Lane via Colliergate where she vanishes into thin air. There as also been a similar sighting of another woman which leaves the same church but disappears at Foss Bridge.


St Crux and King's Square area

The Waits of York were men who played music as they travelled through the town acting as watchmen and calling out the time. It is reported that a female ghost would sometimes follow them, stopping to listen to their tunes. She would appear at St Crux, travel through King's Square, before vanishing at Goodramgate.



St Crux Church

One night an on-duty policeman passing the church heard funeral music playing within the church. As he approached to investigate, the doors of the building opened and the sound of people leaving could be heard, but nothing could be seen. The church is also said to have a more frequent phantom visitor, who describe a tall man that would stare out of the windows in the early hours of the morning.



St Georges Field

Having lost an illegal duel, the man died; his ghost now staggers around the area, fooling people into believing he is still alive prior to vanishing. Also, the figure on horseback also appears in the park, who is believed to be Dick Turpin.

St Mary's Abbey

A Black Abbot who is only seen at night, drifts around the ruins of the abbey. The sounds of coins being counted can also be heard - they jangle as if tipped onto a table, before being dropped one by one into a metal box.


St Mary's Church

Walter Calverley was briefly buried in this churchyard, after being executed for murder, before secretly being moved back to the village of Calverley by his friends. His ghost was seen on several occasions around this time.

St Mary's Hospital

The older buildings of this hospital are said to contain the spirit of a former nurse who still tries to look after the sick. She moves around the rooms as if tending to patients before disappearing.

St Peters School

Legend states that a grey ghostly woman walks around the road near the school chapel at night, while the chapel itself is haunted by a former pupil who died there tragically.

St Saviours Church

A ghost hunter once spent the night here, investigating reports of a phantom Viking who had been executed on the site. The following morning, the vicar arrived, only to find the man dead on a high beam. Many now believe he died of fright!


Tempest Anderson Hall

A witness in the hall reported seeing a man dressed in Victorian clothing reaching up to take a book from a shelf located near the stage. The ghostly form turned around and the witness saw that it had no facial features.

The Golden Fleece public house, Pavement Street

Towards the end of World War 2, a drunken Canadian pilot fell from an upstairs window in the building, and broke his neck on the pavement below. Since then, this ghost has reportedly haunted the bedroom from which he fell.

The Olde Starr Inn, Stonegate

Another building which once housed injured Civil War troops, the basement is said to be the place where amputations occurred, which explains the sound of cries and screams. Two black cats are also reported to haunt the pub, and an old woman has been seen on the stairs scurrying down before disappearing at the bottom..

Theatre Royal St.Leonards Place

A grey figure resembling a nun has also been spotted in the building; she is thought to be the ghost of a nun who was bricked up alive for seeing angels when a hospital existed on the site.

Treasurer's House Minster Yard

Working in the cellar of the building, Harry Martindale was terrified by a group of Roman soldiers that walked past him. He did note that the figures disappeared into the floor at knee height, and later investigation revealed a roman road half a metre under the basement.



York Minster

This gentleman loved the Minster so much that in death he refused to leave, and has been seen sitting and listening to sermons.

York Museum Library

For several weeks a particular book in the library would be found laying on the floor on Sunday evening - the mystery was 'solved' when a caretaker reported seeing an ghostly old man looking through the book shelves.



York Arms public house, High Petergate

The phantom nun which haunts this pub was bricked up behind a wall after giving birth. The building in which this occurred no longer stands, but the pub was built on the same spot.